Calling all crypto enthusiasts and meme aficionados! Buckle up because $LUBE, the crypto that keeps things running smoothly (and sparks a few laughs), has made a splash on the Yellow exchange as of Monday, April 29th, at 2 PM CET.

Official X announcement:

X announcement of LUBE launch on Yellow Exchange.

Here's why you should get ready to lube up your investment engines:

  • Double the Fun! Not only is LUBE listing, but it's also the official launch for Yellow's decentralized clearing platform. Talk about a two-fer!
  • $15,000 LUBE Loot!: Feeling lucky? LUBE holders who link their accounts or transfer their LUBE to the Yellow wallet get a chance to win a hefty chunk of a $15,000 prize pool!
  • Lube Up Your Rewards: Participate in Yellow's ongoing LXP Linea Voyage campaign by trading LUBE on their terminal. More LUBE trading, more LXP rewards!

Here's how to get in on the slippery action:

  • Fuel Up Your Yellow Wallet: Head over to and create your very own Yellow Wallet.
  • Connect the Lube Lines: Link your existing LUBE holding wallet to your Yellow account. Easy peasy!
  • Hit the Yellow Terminal: Visit and start trading LUBE to collect those sweet LXP rewards.

Remember: Don't miss out on this exciting LUBE launch on Yellow Exchange!  Just a friendly reminder to invest responsibly and maybe avoid using your grandma's bingo fund for this particular investment.

(Disclaimer: This announcement is for entertainment purposes only. The author is not responsible for any uncontrollable giggles or investment decisions made while under the influence of LUBE hype.)