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Bitget, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, is pleased to announce the listing of Taiko (TAIKO) on its innovative PoolX staking platform. PoolX offers investors a unique opportunity to earn rewards for popular tokens through hourly payouts based on their stake holdings. This strategic listing expands Bitget's staking offerings and provides exposure to a high-growth project within the burgeoning Layer 2 ecosystem.

Unlike other DeFi staking products, PoolX empowers users to earn rewards on in-demand tokens by leveraging stable and trusted assets such as USDT and BGB (Bitget's native token). This approach minimizes volatility risk while delivering potentially attractive returns. Since its launch in April 2024, PoolX has established itself as a prominent staking platform, facilitating the listing of over 20 projects and fostering a diverse staking environment for investors.

Bitget's decision to list Taiko on PoolX is grounded in the project's compelling attributes. Notably, Taiko boasts a robust financial foundation, having secured $37 million in funding from prominent industry participants. This financial backing signifies the project's potential for sustained growth and development. Furthermore, Taiko's development of an EVM-equivalent zk rollup Layer 2 network demonstrates exceptional technical expertise. This technology offers the potential for faster transaction processing and reduced fees compared to conventional blockchains, potentially benefiting both project developers and users.

"We are excited to welcome Taiko to the PoolX platform," said Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget. "This listing aligns with our commitment to providing investors with innovative solutions to maximize their returns. By combining PoolX's user-friendly staking mechanism with Taiko's high-growth potential, we empower our users to capitalize on the expanding Layer 2 landscape."

The Taiko project fosters a vibrant and engaged community, further solidifying its position as a rising star within the Layer 2 space. While currently in the testnet phase, the project's upcoming mainnet launch is highly anticipated by the crypto community.

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